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12/11/2014  12/11-14/14 Crown Classic (IX Center, Cleveland OH)
1/2/2015  01/02-04/2015 Northern Ohio Winter Classic (Tallmadge, OH) Notes: We have Group & BIS photos on Friday & Saunday only. JC Photo did Group photos on Saturday
1/24/2015  01/24-25/15 Erie KC 109th year anniversary shows (Bayfront Convention Center, Erie PA)
2/27/2015  02/27/15 Toledo/Greater Brighton Obedience Trials (TKC Building Huron, OH)
2/28/2015  02/28/15 Toledo Collie Club Specialty (TKC Building Huron, OH)
3/1/2015  03/01/15 Greater Brighton Collie Club Specialty (TKC Building Huron, OH)
3/28/2015  03/28-29/15 Ashtabula KC Obedience Trials (Youngstown All Breed Training Club, N Jackson OH)
4/5/2015  04/4-5/15 Western Pennsylvania Kennel Association (Monroeville Convention Center, Monroeville PA) Notes: Photos from this event are posted unretouched & not color corected to get them up quickly. Any photo ordered will have this fixed.

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